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Topper Harley, a top gun fighter pilot, is recalled to serve on the SS Essess. Topper's mission is to destroy Saddam Hussein's nuclear plants. Unfortunately, Topper is psychologically imbalanced and is sure to crack under pressure.
A parody of <a href=">Top Gun (1986) in which a talented but unstable fighter pilot must overcome the ghosts of his father and save a mission sabotaged by greedy weapons manufacturers.
Hot Shots, I would say is one mother of all spoofs! The others I loved include the Scary Movie series, Johnny English, Austin Powers, etc. But, this one takes the cake. Though just a short movie, just over an hour, it packs in tons of humor, though logic defying, will keep you thoroughly entertained and give a year’s dose of laughter therapy!<br/><br/>Topper Harley played by Charlie Sheen is a dropout Navy Pilot living among Indians. He is called back to duty for a top secret mission and it appears that someone doesn’t want this mission to succeed. Adding to the fun are Lloyd Bridges as the dumb boss Admiral Benson and Valeria Golino as the much sought after base psychiatrist.<br/><br/>Of the many movies that it spoofs, the most notable is Top Gun. There is a little bit of boxing from Rocky, at bit from the old Gone with the Wind, and many more movies. The lead characters are really very hilarious. There’s no point discussing scenes coz it would amount to a Spoiler. Well, I am curious to see its sequel, Hot Shots! Part Deux.<br/><br/>The action packed nature of this movie along with unbelievable stunts gives the much needed spice. If you would ask me to pick up the best sequence of all, I would pick the adventurous amorous scene between Sheen &amp; Golino. It’s actually difficult to pick one best scene among many! About song, ‘dream lover’ seen with the credits is a nice one.
This is a spoof, and a great one at that! As serious as TOP GUN was, Hot Shots! is as funny. The cast is great! Lloyd Bridge as Admiral Benson is at his funniest. Who&#39;d have thought Charlie Sheen would be this good in a comedy? He plays Fluffy Bunny Feet/Topper Harley. The very lovely Valeria Golina plays Ramada, the love interest. The only semi-wooden performance was by (surprisingly) Cary Elwes, who is usually very good. The dialog is a real gas, but always LOOK for sight gags, because there are a LOT of them. The sight gags start during the opening credits and continue throughout the film. This film will keep you laughing all the way through.
Funny as it is for a great deal of its length, Hot Shots! does, however, have its share of dull spots, and watching it inevitably makes one yearn for the good old days of "Airplane!"
Two uses of f**k were removed, as was dialogue about inbreeding.
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